Monday, 11 February 2013

Gaming resolutions update - January

I know this is a bit late, but January has been an unusually hectic month, and it's only now February is well under way, that I find I have enough time to look back and see how I've (under)performed against the targets i'd set myself.

  1. Complete all three Flames of War armies and my Firestorm Armada fleet to at least tabletop standard, and do not buy any more models for these armies until this is achieved. - It's good and bad news here; I haven't worked on any of these models yet, but on the plus side, I haven't bought anything new yet!
  2. Play a minimum of 1-2 games per month (of any wargame) - CHECK (1 game of FoW played in January, and a game of FoW and a couple of Firestorm armada lined up for February!)
  3. Finishing building up the Epic Space Marine force and play at least one game with it. - Plenty of the infantry based up, but otherwise, no change.
  4. Try using the 'Army Painter technique' to paint my Dark Angels up to TT standard ready for the Easter game. - Nearly all the models are now assembled (I'm waiting on some Terminator Arms through the post), and after that, it's time to start spraying.
  5. Complete enough models and obtain enough scenery to run a Force on Force campaign (Probably 'Day of the Ranger') for my gaming friends and hopefully get them into FoF. - No change here so far, though the campaign is now likely to be Vietnam (From Ambush Valley).
  1. Bring my Conspiracy X campaign up to date (and do so after each session) on the Obsidian Portal website.  - Not yet updated.
  2. Run the Conspiracy X campaign a minimum of once each calendar month (as promised to the players already!). - CHECK (One session played in January)
  3. Finish writing the Call of Cthulhu Campaign I have been writing since last year. - No further work carried out as yet (and now i'm writing an All flesh Must Be Eaten campaign for a friend).
So, after a month, there is still some considerable work to do on the modelling side, but I've not failed any of the ongoing ones in the first month, which is a plus... Still, it's one month in, and I've already added another thing to do to my list AFMBE Campaign to write).  However, I think modelling wise at least, February will be a more productive month.

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  1. I'm catching up on my goals for 2013. Right now I'm waiting on a bunch of washes to come in from Secret Weapon. Also, I've taken on a new project, but it's banging along pretty well.

    Best wishes!