Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Communications breakdown...

Just in case you thought I had disappeared off the face of the Earth, I haven't!  I am having something of a problem reaching the internet (for the past week in fact).  I am (un)fortunate enough to have Sky Broadband, and as you may have seen in the press today (It's taken them a week to actually admit there is a problem), they have dramatically over-sold Sky Unlimited broadband in some areas.  The result of this, is that a number of exchanges (mine included) or so over subscribed, that congestion is causing excessive bandwidth drops.

At the moment, my download speed is a mighty 0.085mbps, so i'm struggling to upload pictures on my connection (I'm been doing a couple of posts that contain pictures), and most sites that use any kind of active content, simply don't work at all.

Of course, Sky are working on the problem, and assure us that it will be working on February 2nd....

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