Friday, 4 January 2013

Geeky Gaming Goodness!

Since I've just finished relocating all my Christmas goodies into their various new homes, I thought I might as well post a picture of the geeky elements of the horde of gifts I seemed to receive this year!

I chose/bought some of the stuff myself (I don't my wife would have managed to get the Army Painter bits without my aid), but a fair bit of it was a surprise, especially the awesome Hobgoblin pewter ale tankard!

I won't lie though...I received XCOM: Enemy Unknown as an early present a couple of weeks before Christmas, and after playing it every day, I'd already completed it before Christmas.  It's pretty much all I've done with my free time since I got it!

The DVD haul is pretty cool, I wasn't expecting any of these and there's over 90 hours of  stuff to watch.  I've already watched the first six episodes of 'the World at War', it's a superb series.  I've learnt a lot about WW2 already from watching it. Dad;s Army is self explanatory I hope, it's one of the best British comedies I've seen.  The War of the Worlds TV series is one of my favourite TV shows, and after many years of waiting it has finally come out to buy and watch at home!  I've never met anyone else who has even heard of the show so far though...

Wargaming wise, I'm set up for the next few months by the look of this little lot!  Open Fire, I have kept the Brits and sold off the Germans to one of my FoW playing friends.  I also got a box of Plastic Soldier Company 15mm German panther tanks to go with my FoW German Army (4/5 are already built!).  The Italeri American Special Forces and Vietnamese Army/Viet Cong, and Airfix M113 should set me up with enough troops for a few battles of Force on Force/Ambush Valley as well!  Hopefully, with this little bundle i'll be able to get some of my friends fired up over FoF!  Finally, I've bought some Army Painter coloured primers for my DA force.  I hardly ever play 40k anymore, but I want playable force for the occasional game with friends, so i'm just going to us these to get them quickly up to tabletop quality.

All in all, I think i'm going to be busy for a while!


  1. Nice looking haul of goodies. I found your page through Fran. You don't have a follow button that I can find.

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for checking out my Blog! I have now added the followers gadget (Doh), so you should be able to follow (if you want to of course!).

    There are some superb miniatures in your Anne's Attic Blog (Followed of course), I've never heard of some of the campanies that make the figures you are painting, but i'll be sure to check them out now. It'll make a bit of a change from the constant Soldiers, Tanks and Spaceships i'm working on!